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Excellent filming and editing as always.  Best in the business.  Keep up the great work


Stu Gee PT

These videos are a great way to show people what the events are really like! Photos only go so far, and it's always fun to see your face in one of these fab films! Thanks for the great memories of Mud Monsters! Now people will believe how muddy it really is!!!


Rob Faulkner

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Proud of my brother .... He makes videos for mad runs ! Think this is very well done ! ... Makes a great advert for people that just think fuck it, I want to roll in mud !


Keith Turner


Awesome to see on course, always willing to give a hand in return for starring in the video ;)


Kayla Jade Perkins

Footage is always fab and captures the best moments throughout the race. Have also got some fab profile pics through screenshotting videos! ;)


Awesome editing skills to music plus fab footage make fantastic videos for everyone to watch, and are the reason I started mud running in the first place!


Amy Dell

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