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Hi I'm Mark, and I am Turner Videos.


Quite simply I started out by filming myself as I went around on a muddy course with a GoPro - when I saw myself back once in someone else’s event video the excitement and pride I felt was huge! I then started to film others to give them the same experience, which landed me a relationship with ‘Muddy Race’ – an obstacles race & mud run event calendar – to film races for reviews. That gave me a chance to grow my experience in my rapidly growing love for OCR (obstacle course racing).


In November 2016 Turner Videos was born.


I still very much love to race, but afterwards you will always see me with my camera in hand!


Within the OCR community, people quickly started to know of my videos and loved my style of work – it soon became clear I had an eye and passion for editing the videos.


I put a lot of time, dedication, and my own personal flair into each one of my videos. The feedback I get from people who have watched and enjoyed them always makes me so happy.


Present day I'm bouncing racing and climbing my way around the course to find that perfect shot! Whether I’m waist-deep in mud or hanging from a tree I love nothing more than capturing reactions and facial expressions from people having a brilliant time!


To have turned a hobby into a job for me is just a dream!


I can film close up with handheld and setup cameras, or from aerial shots with my drone, capturing all the action from every angle.

About Me


TEL. 07947 606286     EMAIL. [email protected]

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